Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Frugal Kansas Homemaker

Frugal homemaking is more of a lifestyle than a fad.  It comes with time, learning how to make the pennies stretch and keep going when there's not much, if anything, left to work with.

Many generations of homemakers before us lived frugally.  They grew their own food as often as possible, canned for the winter months, worked with making their own clothing or recycling purchased clothing until it was either pieces of a quilt or a rag to clean with after being reused for other clothing purposes.  They did things more by hand, took time to cook homemade meals, and did it most of the time on one income.

How did they manage a full and thriving household on a small budget?

They lived frugally.

It is my desire to share ideas and thoughts here about how to go about stretching the precious budget dollars.  Whether it's recycling, growing our own foods, making our own cleaners if possible, saving on utilities, etc, we can use one idea or another to help stretch dollars to last just a little bit longer.

The Lord gave us the income we have, and it's up to us to be responsible for what we use our dollars for.  If we squander, we are held accountable.  If we use it appropriately, to the best of our abilities, we glorify Him better.

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