Sunday, August 26, 2018

I See You!

I see you...the frazzled young mom with the little ones holding on to your leg. 

I saw you at the grocery store.  You looked as if you hadn't slept Ina few years.  You sport the traditional young mom messy bun and wrinkled clothes from two to three days of continuous use. 

I wanted to hug you.

Dear young momma, you are not alone.  Most of us who have had children have been there.  Some of us are still there, some have passed that stage...but we've been there.  We understand the lack of sleep, staying up through the night tending babies, comforting toddlers, changing wet diapers and sheets.  We've cleaned the vomit and given the baths to bring down temperatures at 2am.  We've struggled to make it through the next day as walking zombies, with hair that hadn't seen a comb and the same clothes 2 days in a row, and couldn't remember the last hot shower. 

We've been there too, when the kids are cranky and whining, but you have to take them with you to the store or else there's nothing to cook for hubby.  It was very trying then and nothing has changed for your generation that came up behind us.  Our sweet little angels decide to act like the spawn of Satan if they don't get the cereal they want or a piece of candy.  You've trained them have and we did too...and they forget that training it seems in the cereal aisle. 

You're doing a good job Mom.  You are hanging in there.  I saw you correct your little ones the best you could as some other shoppers made comments in hushed tones.  Evidently they forgot they were once disobedient children who had to learn to obey Mom as well.

I was the one who gave you the "I've been there too" smile.  I was once where you are, and I remember how hot my cheeks got when my kids acted out and other shoppers commented just loud enough for me to hear.  They didn't know I was training children with autism how to behave properly in public.  They didn't ask and I didn't tell.

I don't know what all you are handling in your life, but know you are loved.  I love you in Christ.  Jesus loves you. 

You keep on raising those babies right, dear Mom. 

~~Mrs. A

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