Monday, September 24, 2018

Frugal General Purpose Cleaner

Here very recently I renewed my desire for making homemade cleaners.  I need to be more thrifty with our income, so this is an area I can easily cut.

I started making homemade laundry soap a few years ago.  This wasn't hard at all, and a little goes a long way, even with our family and the amount of laundry we do.

Now I've started on all-purpose/general cleaners.  This is a new adventure in my world.  I started looking through Pinterest for some ideas.  If you look at my boards under Sunny Patch, you'll see I found a few.  Feel free to check out my finds!

The first one I tried is a mix of vinegar, water, dish soap, and essential oil.

This actually turned out well.  I went through an entire spray bottle in 2 days.  The only thing different I'm doing now is the essential oil.  I at first used cedar wood, as I like the smell of cedar.  It doesn't smell so great with vinegar.  The second time, I made the vinegar/soap/water mix with apple scented soap and left out the essential oil.  It works great, smells good, and it's a keeper.

I am figuring this will save me quite a bit in cleaners.  No real need for a special cleaner for the bathroom, kitchen, floors, and so on...this one has so far worked on everything from stove to shower to some pretty nasty floors.

If you do frugal cleaners, let me know what you use!  I'm all ears and open for ideas to try!!

~~Mrs. A

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