Friday, August 24, 2018

Standing Strong When It Hurts

Today is a painful day.  

Maybe not for you or me, but someone we know and love is hurting.  Maybe a friend, a family member, a church family member...  But someone we know is hurting, either physically or emotionally, possibly both.

What can you/I do?  

First...pray.  Ask the Lord to give His grace and mercy to your hurting loved one.  He knows what they are going through even if they don't tell you what's going on.  He knows their hurts, their feelings, fears, cares, and so on.  Pray for them, pray for His will be done whatever it shall be.  He WILL may be a "no", "yes", or a "not right now", but He answers.  A faithful friend/loved one in you can make a difference!

Second,..offer to help them physically.  Most of us hate asking for assistance.  That's our pride coming out, but it's definitely true of me, and most likely you.  I personally hate asking for outside help, it takes an act of Congress to get me to ask.  Rather than waiting, take the first step yourself.  Offer to help maybe clean house for a friend or family/church family member who is sick and just doesn't feel up to it, make a meal or two for them and deliver it, offer to take them to a doctor's appointment if they need it.  Offer to cut their grass or shovel snow, or whatever little thing you can think of to help lift their load.  You'd be amazed what just one little act of kindness can do to lift the spirits when someone's hurting.

Third...listen to them.  Take a minute and chat with them if they feel up to it.  Many don't like to talk about their pain or troubles.  Ask questions, let them know you love and care about them, and it's not a burden to listen.  Sometimes just talking makes a world of difference when someone's in emotional of physical pain.  There's a whole industry of paid "listeners"...counselors, psychologists, etc.  A friend who understands is worth so much more than a paid listener who doesn't know much about you.  

You don't have to be an older woman to do this.  You can easily be a young lady, a teen girl, a young wife or mom.  Don't wait until your hair is gray to help a hurting loved one.  God created you to love and nurture.  You can use that to help others, lift them up, show them that God loves them just as He loves you.  A gentle word, a small action, a listening ear can do so much regardless of your age, your income, your family dynamics.  You can do it!
So, what are you waiting for?  There's a world of hurting people out there just waiting for someone like you!

------Mrs. A

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