Saturday, November 24, 2018

Keep That Heat From Escaping!!

The cold has hit...ok maybe not today in the southern part of Kansas and other areas, but it has been rather cold most of the time.  Today it was 65.  It's been as low as 30's for highs recently, with a few cold fronts rushing through like arctic freight trains. 

We just yesterday finally got around to replacing plastic sheeting on the windows.  We purchased some heavier plastic than what you find in the "window kits", and stapled the plastic down to the frame with cardboard strips.  It made a huge difference right after putting it up.  The 7 foot old fashioned windows leaks air, which is totally normal for 100+ year old windows.  Even if you don't have century old windows, having a barrier that keeps your warm air from escaping and doesn't allow a cold draft come in is a good idea.  It's a small investment, but worth it when you pay your heating bill. 

Today I washed up the thermal curtains and we put them back up.  These we found at Walmart 5 years ago, for around $18 a panel.  They aren't the easiest to wash and dry without the backing sticking to itself, but it does block sun in the summer, and is a heavier barrier at the windows. 

I hung up thick wool felt to the front door to block a draft that comes in around the door near the bottom. 

On Pinterest, I've found some wonderful quilted curtain ideas that would be amazing to have!  They don't look hard to do, and would use up scraps and such, and do the same as the more expensive thermal curtains.  If you enjoy sewing or quilting, you might enjoy making these for your home! 

What have you tried so far to help insulate your windows and doors so far????

Mrs. A