Why Frugal Living?

Frugal has the definition of:  sparing or economical with regard to money or food 
                                              or:  simple and plain and costing little.

This is not a bad thing at all.  God wants us to use our resources appropriately in order to serve Him.  It honors Him when we are good stewards of what He gives us.  

I was raised up by parents born in 1926 (dad) and 1934 (mom) and they made it through depression years and war years, with mom in city living and dad on farm/logging areas until they met and combined families to make 11 of us and farm. They taught me alot about making do and doing things less expensively if at all possible, and that lesson sure seems to be lost on a lot of people today.
So, it's my goal to share what I've learned, as well as what have been advised along the way, and glean knowledge from some ladies close that I look up to...with the end being shared with readers. The folks of my generation and the ones coming up behind, they are farther and farther away from the lessons from the "Great Generation" and on back, and if we don't keep sharing, the lessons will be lost in time. There's times I still want to ask my parents and close family how do to something, but that opportunity is lost. A conversation with a dear friend yesterday brought me to that realization.  

So, in the pages of this site, I hope to share what I've learned from my family and friends, and would also love to hear what you have learned in your home about living on less.  

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